Younger woman talking with senior person about long-term careMore than 50% of us will experience stress and anxiety while seeking long-term care, according to a recent AARP study. Firstly, it is difficult to find information about all the available services. Worse yet, without a way to easily compare them, they are seemingly indistinguishable (after all, there are over 1,800 senior care facilities and providers in Hawai‘i). Lastly, families are often caught off guard and must choose a care provider quickly.

Given the challenges, follow these strategies to successfully navigate complex and diverse care system:

• Allow ample time to learn the essentials: The details can be overwhelming and even healthcare professionals have difficulty grasping the ins and outs of senior care.

• Know your needs: Each family is unique. Even spouses have different care requirements, budgets and preferences. It is easy to get distracted by
the nice-to-have features.

• Cast your net wide first, then narrow down options: Every type of care has distinct pros and cons; every provider has strengths and weaknesses. Only you can decide which will fit your needs.

While it’s impossible to know the future, these strategies are guaranteed to help you when the time comes to seek senior care.

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