Not everyone has spare cash to spend on expensive physical therapy equipment to use at home, so why not learn how to utilize household items to get the same results? Specialized equipment, although beneficial if used correctly, is not necessary to live a life without pain. Creativity can often duplicate or at least mimic the results of expensive therapy equipment.

For example, proper squatting while holding onto the kitchen sink or a door frame is more effective than almost all exercise equipment. Similarly, rather than dumbbells or machines, cans or exercise bands are excellent replacements. Not only does the right exercise determine the level of benefit, but the technique of each exercise is equally important to achieve immediate alleviation.

Just like with car maintenance, the body will not work correctly if not kept healthy. Even if only one cog is out of place it causes a chain reaction of inefficiency and problems. That is because, with any injury, the body will naturally compensate, causing unconscious bad habits that result in aches and pains that do not go away. Any bad habit will take hard work to fix, so that’s why motivation is the key to physical therapy. A little bit of hard work is well worth it to prevent suffering.

Since nothing needs to be purchased for successful physical therapy, the universal factor among successful individuals is the motivation to put in hard work.

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