Many seniors approaching retirement age have not built up adequate savings in their Social Security accounts. By finding employment before taking SS withdrawals, seniors can build up accounts and ensure a healthier retirement payments when the time comes.

The Honolulu Community Action Program Inc. (HCAP) administers the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) for low-income seniors who meet the program’s eligibility requirements: 55 or older, unemployed, resident of O‘ahu, with an income at 125% of the federal poverty guideline. It’s a federally-funded program under Title V of the Older Americans Act.

The primary focus and goal of SCSEP is to provide the participant the opportunity to gain employment skills through part-time, subsidized, hands-on training and transition them into regular unsubsidized, full-time employment.

Program participants are also eligible for a subsidized medical examination (up to $50 per year) and can earn Social Security credits during their placement in a job in thier community.

Contact HCAP for more details.

Senior Communty Service Employment Program
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