Through daily exercise, seniors can combat illnesses such as arthritis and osteoporosis, which can afflict them in their golden years. And as physical health declines, untreated depression can decrease the quality of life.

So seniors must remain, mentally and physically active for optimum health. For example, strength training is useful to combat the loss of muscle mass associated with aging, and helps to maintain flexibility and range of motion.

WALKING has been proven to have extraordinary benefits for memory and the prevention of dementia, for blood circulation and for mood. For physical and mental benefits, walk in a group as a social event. Take a nature hike or plan a trip to a local park, beach, zoo, aquarium, Foster Garden or Bishop Museum.

MENTAL EXERCISES keep your brain active and alert while engaged in life’s pleasures. Play games such as cards, trivia or bingo, or do crossword puzzles or word searches. Read aloud or look through old photo albums. Exercising both the body and brain helps seniors live longer, stronger, healthier lives.

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