My hobby started in 1958 with heart and a willingness to gather and share as much information as possible. As a professional coin dealer, I still have deep excitement for numismatics, (Greek for ‘a love of the study of coins’.)

Coins and other collectibles, such as paper money and vintage jewelry are a form of investment, and often people expect to make money trading or liquidating their assets at a future time.

Liquidating is business, not philanthropy, so “sellers beware;” local companies rely on repeat customers and tend to be fairer than those with no base in Hawaii. A good idea is to do your homework and consult an expert to appraise the value of your collectibles, outline your options and explain any problems to avoid.

We all spend a lot of time examining our collectibles and researching their value, which is based on the condition of the coin, how many were minted, and market demand. A coin dealer’s selling price is higher than the buying price. Well-worn coins usually fetch a lot less than “mint condition” coins. Because precious metal prices are so high, some silver or gold coins are valuable just for their metal content.

The price of precious metals fluctuates daily, and traders who come to town offering “cash for gold and silver” pass on six figure travel and advertising costs to you. What sounds like a lot of money may actually be less than established dealers would offer.

Have your old jewelry appraised. Some antiques are very valuable. Metal buyers are not interested in vintage value, workmanship or precious stones. In fact, stones are severely damaged or destroyed in the refining process. If melting your jewelry is your best option, remove precious stones professionally and sell them to a jeweler, to improve your return.

I advise seniors to list all your questions first and get more than one opinion or appraisal of your collectibles. Keep asking until you get satisfactory answers. Take your time to gather as much information as you need in order to make a good business decision.


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