Are you a caregiver to your mom, dad or others in your family? Have you ever thought about seeking assistance but felt guilty about accepting outside help? You may feel like you’re giving up on your elders, but, in fact, receiving help can actually make you a better caregiver.


Chris and Evelyn enjoy the care at their own home.

Taking care of your elders means giving them the best care possible—whether the attention comes from you or from others. During the early years, your own loving hands and caring heart may be sufficient, but things could become more difficult as your elders need more assistance. Eventually your full time care giving can lead to burnout and poor health.

Safe Harbor Home Care, Inc. can be your partner in managing care giving for your family. Its team is lead by Ester Ramos, a registered nurse with 40 years of experience. She owned and managed a 23-bed care home for 13 years. Prior to that, she owned and managed a Medicare/Medicaid-certified home health agency in California for 10 years. In addition, she also managed a hospice agency for 3 years. Ester’s nursing and management background experience is invaluable in the homecare business.

Ester has surrounded herself with equally competent professionals to train, educate and supervise nurse’s aides. The trained staff shares the core belief that each client and their family situation is unique and must be respected and nurtured. With cultural awareness and sensitivity Safe Harbor establishes mutual trust and a therapeutic relationship.

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