The Right Questions About PV Systems

There are two types of Solar Energy Systems that will significantly lower your energy bill. Solar hot water systems can provide 20% to 30% of your energy needs and photovoltaic (PV) systems can provide up to 100%. There are many issues regarding a solar system for your home which you need to understand prior to purchasing a system:

1. Does the installation include roofing industry details for roof penetrations? Many installers are voiding roof warranties by using substandard roof penetration detailing causing leaks.

2. Does the system installation come with a maintenance program? Your investment needs to be maintained and your PV system needs attention to prevent module failures.

3. Do you have a copy of the warranty prior to purchasing, so you can read the limitations? Warranties are sales tools used by companies to convey the false idea that something is guaranteed when it is not.

4. Does quality matter to you? Better quality modules will cost more but last longer and produce more power over the long haul. Many contractors buy the cheapest modules and then try to convince you they are equal.

5. How long has the manufacturer been in business making modules? Solar manufacturers are losing money due to Chinese manufacturers flooding the market with low cost products. It’s been predicted that only about 10 companies will be in this business after the smoke clears, so find out how long they have made modules and are they likely to be in solar business after the dust clears.

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