The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is for the physically challenged and disabled community. The elevator industry, with the help of the government and educators in civil law, has been addressing ADA issues over the years. Elevator and lift manufacturers have many solutions to meet and exceed the ADA requirements.

Today, here in Hawai‘i, there is a continued effort to address the ADA conditions that affect our elderly and disabled community. The work to provide those communities with the freedom to live independently and safely, while making their lives easier, relies on multiple solutions.

One example of these different kinds of solutions is a residential chair lift. This provides the senior community, and those who are physically challenged, the ability to have the mobility and access to parts of their home they may not have seen in years, or the ability to leave their home safely and with ease. In some instances, a chair lift can also provide an extra pair of helping hands, such as carrying the laundry or even groceries up and down the stairs.

This provides them with a higher quality of life while maintaining their pride and independence.

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