An unexpected life-changing situation can happen in an instant. One minute you’re at a friend’s home, getting ready to enjoy watching UH football, then you slip and fall, and feel excruciating pain. Hours later, on a trip to the emergency room, you learn that you fractured your hip or, even worse, your spine.

The sudden changes in your life can include loss of income from missing work, high medical bills, and costs for prescription painkillers. You may also need a caregiver to help with simple things like meal prep, dressing, driving to medical appointments and picking up your medications, potentially impacting the lives of family and friends who want to help you.

Be prepared!

✤ Talk to your family and closest support system before the unexpected happens.

✤ Research home care costs.

✤ Consider purchasing short-term disability insurance to offset income loss.

✤ If you have temporary disability insurance (TDI) through your employer, ask how much you would qualify for.

✤ Brainstorm options that can help offset your living expenses, even with TDI.

Don’t delay! Unexpectedly making your support system “instant caregivers” without having a plan in place can be very stressful for everyone.  n

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