Prepare Yourself to Sleep Better

Have you ever examined your bedtime routine? You probably take care of basic bodily needs like brushing your teeth, but what about the rest of you? Where does your mind go? What about the stress and tension you’ve carried all day? Do you do anything to show your body and brain you really care about them?

If you want to age well, getting proper rest is essential for your health, happiness and relationships. Quality of sleep is just as important as quantity when it comes to focusing and functioning well during the day. If you go to bed with stressful thoughts, you will probably not sleep well. If you do manage some shut eye, you may end up feeling tired in the morning.

So how can you help yourself find better rest? Start by turning off the TV and putting your phone out of reach when you get in bed. Then, raise your feet and do some ankle rotations. Use your arms and hands to gently stretch your legs, hips and lower back as you inhale through your nose, and exhale long, slow breaths through your mouth.

Say, “Thank you, body. Today has ended. Anything unfinished will still be there tomorrow. Rest now.” Release your thoughts and reassure your mind and body that all is well. Try it for a week. Your body and mind will thank you.

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