They are the “Jugglers” of multiple opportunities who know a diversified work portfolio increases the probability of realizing financial and personal success, improves their sense of control and boosts feelings of security.

What you need to know about portfolio work.

Smart portfolio (multiple) ways of working are usually balanced between high risk and reasonable certainty as well as between long- and short-term growth. Many people compare it to investing time and money in the stock market for both short- and long-term financial returns.

Others think of portfolio work as simultaneously diversifying their work between multiple interests and different markets. In this way, it creates a balance of income, interests, time and energy.

Earning, learning and doing good.

In the following example, the first investment is doing project work in your established career field. This offers some income some of the time. Consider this aspect of your portfolio as work for current income.

A second investment is the continued (formal) development of related skills or new interests to meet the demands of emerging market-driven trends. This aspect of a portfolio is working for learning and future financial return.

A third investment is volunteering, which can be thought of as work done for personal satisfaction or for the benefit of others.

A balanced diversified portfolio, with the relative amounts of time dedicated to earning, learning and doing good, is illustrated below.

With the passage of time, the balance is likely to shift as different market-place needs, life goals and interests change.

Advantages of managing a career portfolio

You will…

  • Appreciate the opportunity to gain multiple income sources.
  • Expand your ability to shift emphasis as the marketplace continues to change.
  • Deepen your reputation as an expert.
  • Balance your energy between the various components of your portfolio.
  • Have some fun; give back to your community; gain more work/life balance.
  • Find new directions while doing meaningful work in your community.


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