Playtime for TutuOn a warm Friday morning in July, I spent some one-on-one time with my four-year old granddaughter at the Hawaii Children’s Discovery Center in Kaka‘ako. We’ve been going there for over two years and love visiting all three floors. During some visits, we just spend two or three hours on one floor, and then there are times when Alexis wants to explore all three!

On this particular day, as I watched her play in the familiar “Rainforest,” where kids learn about the environment. There was a 50-50 parents-to-grandparents ratio with keiki younger than one year old to over seven. I am sure there are many grandparents in Hawai‘i who babysit, some full-time and some, like me, who watch grandchildren during holidays or school vacations.

The Discovery Center is a great place for grandparents to have a few hours of fun, education and entertainment. Share the experience of “Your Town” on the ground floor, where there is a grocery store with shopping carts and food, plus a check-out counter, a bank with a drive-up teller window, mechanic’s shop to repair a car, fireman’s truck and equipment, theater for performances in costume and even a post office with mail boxes all around the town.

To learn more, check out their website at Visit them at 111 Ohe St. in Kaka‘ako or call 808-524-5437. Lastly, I’d have to say, there are lots of places to SIT and enjoy Alexis at play for this Tutu!

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