The Surfers Tahiti - Generations Magazine - August - September 2012In 1957, brothers Al and Clayton Naluai attended Glendale Junior College in California where they befriended two other Native Hawaiians, Bernie Ching and Pat Sylva. They started to compile Hawaiian tunes together for the choir director and came up with a signature harmonizing style. They did concerts up and down the West Coast. While singing in a backyard luau, a friend tape recorded them for fun. One thing led to another and they were discovered by Hi Fi Records. The group was named “The Surfers,” and they cut their first album, “The Surfers on the Rocks.” It became a local best seller.

The quartet embarked on a sensational career that took them through the next 26 years!

At age 43, Clayton learned that his father was diagnosed with Alzheimer. Up to that point, his life had been defined by show biz, but it was time to do something else. In 1980, he left the business and turned his focus toward family.

Over the years Clayton had studied Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido under the late Master Koichi Tohei. The master taught the principles of unifying mind and body and its application to daily life.

Clayton Aikido - Generations Magazine - August - September 2012Fifty years later, Clayton is a 6th Dan Black Belt and a founder of Lokahi Ki Society, where he serves as its senior advisor. He has dedicated his life to creating programs for people to experience the power they naturally have through unification of mind and body.

Clayton is particularly passionate about keeping seniors active. So, I asked Clayton is it ever too late for a senior to consider training through Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido’s mind and body unification? He replied, “It’s never too late.”

I have been attending Clayton’s classes for the past two years. The exercises have greatly improved my physical flexibility, balance, strength and fluidity. It helps me stay in a calm and focused state of mind. Practicing the same state of mind outside of the dojo I can now deal with life’s challenges one at a time — more calmly, more clearly, more focused. Most importantly, it has improved my outlook on life, diet, exercise and hope for mankind. I’ve dropped 25 pounds, lowered my blood pressure and put off my diabetes.

You may also experience many benefits through practicing, studying and experiencing this form of Aikido. For more info, contact Lokahi Ki Society:

phone(s): 808-372-7724, 489-5255, 258-6814