Generations Magazine - April-May 2016 - Noni And Nitrates - image 01Every health food store has products containing Noni, also called Indian mulberry. It grows throughout Southeast Asia, Australia and the Pacific Islands. Hawaiians used noni to heal a variety of health problems, like wrapping noni leaves around sore joints to relieve pain. The ancestors took it by mouth for colic, and urinary problems, digestive problems and also high blood pressure.

Recently, scientists have taken a close look at noni. The fruit contains potassium, like bananas and potatoes. However, scientists think noni heals us with abundant nitrates and nitrites, much more than found green leafy vegetables. How nitrates affect the body is the focus of ongoing clinical research, but it seems that when we ingest high concentrations of nitrates and nitrites, they activate our bodies to create nitric oxide (NO). NO and nitrogen salts may be beneficial for urinary tract infections, lowering blood pressure and fighting skin infections.

How our ancestors figured this out is hard to tell, but now science is rediscovering noni just the way Fleming found blue mold and penicillin.

The best way to tap the healing benefits of noni is to take dried noni powder in capsules. It’s a lot more pleasant than fresh noni fruit. Be sure to ask your doctor before taking supplements or over-the-counter drugs, in case they interact with your current medications or cause troublesome side effects. Be smart, and stay informed, and always look to nature for health.


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