Generations Magazine - August-September 2016 - National-Honors_image1Dr. Yamamoto, a pediatric rheumatologist for over 20 years, has become a leader in her field. She cares for the majority of children diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis (JA) in the state, who come from all eight islands. JA affects over 1,200 kids and their families in Hawai‘i.

Through her leadership, financial support and volunteer work, major partnerships and funding have been established, including Camp Mana’olana, a summer camp for kids with JA.

This May, Dr. Yamamoto was awarded the 2016 Earl Brewer Award for Physician Leadership. This national award is presented each year to a physician who has fostered a reputation for excellence in his or her field. She was also honored at the 2016 JA Conference in Phoenix and Philadelphia.

Dr. Yamamoto’s support and leadership of local JA programs has brought awareness to families with arthritis and has tapped into media opportunities, including the development of a video focussing on kids with JA that ultimately raised over $250,000 in the fall of 2014.

“Many seniors serve as the primary caregivers for grandchildren with JA,” said Dr. Yamamoto. “They should be supported for their critical role in helping these children access care, control their condition and stay healthy.”


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