Two and a half hours, and three sets later, a group of “50 plus” women enjoy beautiful weather at Wentworth Tennis Courts in Pearl Harbor. The youngest is 52 and the oldest will turn 80 in August. All appreciate a challenging game of tennis as you can hear laughter, applause, “good shot” and “great get” from two courts of women’s doubles. Some of us have had meniscus, knee and shoulder surgery, but that doesn’t stop us from playing our hearts out.

These “young-at-heart” women play two or three times a week. They start their first set by drawing playing cards and the two matching cards are partners. Luckily, I drew the same card as my sister, a “junior” player at age 56 and a retired teacher. More sets are played as ladies change partners and opponents.

Lee Bassett, the “senior” player learned to play tennis in 8th grade in New York; and after raising her children, got back into it at age 35. She says, “I’ve got the old-ladies shot down!”— just after she hit a lovely drop shot winner. Luckily she was my partner!

All these women have played in leagues and loved the sport for countless years. No one goes out to break a record…or themselves. There are never losers…only winners and runner-ups having a fun time together. And that’s the point: fun.

So nowadays, no matter how old you are or what your body feels like, that shouldn’t stop you from doing what you love. You just simply need to adjust and do it…for fun!

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R2: Connie, Sharon, Helen and Lee, R1: Sherry, Ellen, Cathy and