Conservative Restoration

Dental toxicity can occur when materials placed in a patient’s mouth cause that person’s immune system to react and “reject” the restoration. Serum compatibility testing provides dentists with one way to help determine which materials will react in a test tube with a patient’s serum proteins. Today’s dental patients have the opportunity to select:

  • Highly aesthetic, tooth-colored fillings — created and placed during a single dental appointment, with no temporary crown.
  • Metal-free, bio-compatible materials for restorations that will not cause an allergic reaction with the body.
CEREC Restoration

CEREC Restoration

The CEREC procedure was developed at Zurich University 25 years ago. The CEREC system uses restorative material and the conservative removal of dental enamel to restore the diseased tooth.

In the past crowns were made for teeth requiring removal of a lot of tooth structure. With the new materials, the dentist can preserve precious tooth enamel and effectively restore the tooth. Enamel is the only tissue in the body that once removed, will not regenerate.

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