Welcome to all of you attending this year’s Senior Fair and enjoying the great exhibitors and presentations, full of resourceful information and contacts to living well. We all should thank the producer of this—the largest event of the year dedicated to our senior community— Mike Rossell and his associate Barbara Garofano who coordinates just about

This month’s cover story features the story of The Plaza Assisted Living Properties, its commitment to the retirement community and its growing list of residences. We thank you Steve Metter and Mike Wood for their commitment to providing the much needed rental option to retirement living and providing the needed care for our growing Alzheimer’s and related dementia population.

Website - Generations Magazine - August - September 2012I have recommended to hundreds of families that we all need to have the talk with our family members on “aging in place” and the options to where we want to live the rest of our lives or at least for the foreseeable future. The Plaza Assisted Properties offer one of the options that our middle class will and should seriously take a visit and check out the benefits of living in a comfortable and safe place. Developer Steve Metter made a significant comment that we must think of it as a major benefit for our loved ones that “most residents who were previously living alone in their own homes have improved health after moving into an assisted living community. This usually occurs due to improved nutrition, socialization with peers, better exercise, health monitoring and medication management.”

And we also want to thank the many who have visited us online for their own personal knowledge and research and to view the many events posted on our calendar. The numbers are growing and we continue and support that aspect of our technologically-savvy readers.

Live Well

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