This month’s cover story is one that I have been anticipating for months as we bring to you Dr. Terry Shintani’s story. I met Dr. Shintani a few years ago while attending one of his famous seminars on eating healthy. My anticipation has been personal as I am constantly trying to find ways to live a healthier life with my eating habits and I wanted to pass his knowledge on to you, our readers.

So thank you Dr. Shintani for educating me on healthier eating habits. I recommend everyone to attend his workshops as knowledge is powerful and he definitely is one of the foremost doctors on this topic — not only in Hawai‘i but nationally. A big “Mahalo” also goes out to Frank Santana from “Down to Earth” All Vegetarian Organic & Natural food stores. I learned about various organic fruits and vegetables that I will be changing my own buying habits.

And on this issue, I am sharing my page with a noteworthy senior from Moanalua HS who’s interest is also shared by many — the secret in longevity—which this issue is about. Well done Fevelyn, and thank you to our young participants.

Live Well in 2012!

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Percy Ihara, Editor/Publisher