May is Older Americans Month and the theme for 2016 is “Blaze a Trail.” In so many ways, seniors in Hawai‘i are already doing just that — leading our nation in health, longevity and productivity. Four decades ago, Lanakila Multi Purpose Senior Center was an “experimental” club for seniors. Today, it’s one of the hundreds of senior clubs throughout our state where seniors may socialize, undertake meaningful activities and serve the community. In addition to clubs, seniors volunteer in nonprofits, contribute to the care of their grandchildren and support community projects and charities. Be sure to reflect on your personal achievements this year. Sustaining a healthy, active and meaningful life — regardless of age — requires focus and discipline. Supporting what is important to you and your family, and making your community just a little better takes a commitment of time and energy. We celebrate all you do to live well.

Generations Magazine - April-May 2016 - Editors Note - image 01May is also Memorial Day, and the Boy Scouts of America Aloha Council prepares and will be collecting lei to decorate the graves of veterans, as a part of the Good Turn For America Service Program. Watch for publicity on your island to donate or get involved making ti leaf lei. This is a wonderful way to help youth honor our veterans.

This issue’s Giving Care section authors come at this topic from several perspectives. It drives home the idea that we are all different, with many ways of looking ahead (or avoiding) end-of-life. One common thread is that if you have expectations about your care, where you want to pass your last days, or who will receive your treasures, it’s best to make your intentions clear — while you are of sound mind and body. Our contributors share a lot of wisdom on planning, too.

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Katherine Kama‘ema‘e Smith, Associate Editor


Generations Magazine - April-May 2016 - Editors Note - image 02A Special Note: In January, Hawai‘i lost Sam Cooke, a captain of business who de-scended from missionaries and worked tirelessly to support conservation, Hawaiian history and fine arts. Manoa Heritage Center is a living legacy of his deep love for Hawai‘i. Sam and Mary Cooke told us their story and graced our cover in Dec/Jan 2015. To their family and friends we extend our deepest condolences.