regretMany families in Hawai‘i now choose cremation and scattering their loved one’s ashes into nature. Scattering can be a profoundly moving experience, but it’s also a decision that should be considered very carefully — because once it’s done, it can’t be undone.

Without a plan in place, families may experience heartbreaks. Often, in times of sorrow, family members having to make quick, gut-wrenching decisions about what to do with their loved one’s remains later feel regret.

Months or even years later, with the clarity that comes with time, families realize that they wish they’d kept a portion of their loved one’s remains in a spot where they could visit, reflect and feel close. The regret over not having a permanent memorial can linger indefinitely.

It is natural to want to remember those who have touched our lives in a tangible way, and it’s important for those left behind to visit a place where the name of their loved one is still present. Consider a permanent memorial. It’s a wonderful way to honor a life and inspire future generations.


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