Medicare 2023When my Hawai‘i Medicare Advantage members move to the mainland, they often don’t want to look for a new agent. So I find myself getting licensed in other states so I can help them find a new healthcare plan. What I keep learning is that compared with the mainland, Hawai‘i has really great plans. Offerings got even better for  2023.

For the first time, we have Medicare Advantage plans that include massage coverage. While many plans offer some built-in or add-on dental, a couple of plans actually have a dental allowance that will cover implants. A few Medicare Advantage plans removed the Part D drug deductible entirely, which can save members hundreds of dollars.

Other new benefits may not be as exciting, but could be lifesaving. We have some plans now offering members bathroom safety equipment with no copay, such as raised toilet seats and tub seats. Another possibility that could give members and their loved ones much peace of mind is a medical alert device at no charge. That Medicare Advantage plan will also cover the cost of the monthly monitoring fees.

Every year, no matter the time of year, all Medicare beneficiaries should contact an experienced broker to make sure they are getting the maximum benefits they are entitled to.

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