Make the Most of Your Doctor Visit

Most people only visit the doctor a few times a year, so it’s important to make the most of your appointment. The more information you share with your physician, the better he or she can take care of you.

1. Bring a list to your appointment
Before you go to the doctor, make a list of questions and complaints. Put the important questions and complaints at the top of the list. Talking with your doctor can help identify and address any potential issues, allowing you to get better quickly.

2. Write down the answers
During the visit, take notes. Your doctor is experienced in discussing complex medical topics and explaining them to make them easy to understand. So, do not be shy! Be sure to ask questions if you do not understand something.

3. Follow through
Keep your notes from the doctor’s visit and follow through. Write down any changes you see. Bring your updates to your next appointment. This can help your doctor determine what is working the next time you talk.

Your doctor’s goal is to provide you with the care you deserve at every visit. You are a key part of your health and wellness. It is important to work as a team to achieve your optimal health.

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