by Kelika Ishol, Director of Sales and Marketing & Resource Development

Ever think about growing old? Even when we become caregivers for aging loved ones, or start to feel pain in our joints, or experience the “where did I leave my keys?” and “what was I gonna say?” moments, we may still not attribute them to aging.

But it’s inevitable. What we see our aging loved ones go through is a process that we all will eventually experience. When I think back about taking care of my grandmother who had Alzheimer’s disease, I reflect on one of the most challenging times in my life. My grandmother, a vibrant and beautiful woman who went beyond the call to care for everyone, now needed care. Her incontinence issues, assistance with bathing, meal prep, elopement situations and medication management were ongoing parts of my life 1998. While caring for my grandmother, I was also raising four young daughters. They called me “the sandwich generation.”

A community of caring

As a resident of a retirement community, you are a part of an ‘ohana, where together, you can discover the fun of aging, and feel safe and secure.

My beautiful and loving grandmother passed away in 2001 from a hemorrhagic stroke while she was living in an Alzheimer’s unit on the Leeward side of O’ahu. Placing her in that facility was at the same time the hardest and the easiest thing for me to do… Make sense? Of course it does. The guilt of placing my grandmother in an Alzheimer’s unit was hurtful and difficult, but the relief of placing her there surpassed the guilt. It truly was the best decision I made—for me, my family and most importantly, for her.

If I knew then, what I know about retirement communities now, I would have definitely educated my grandparents early enough so that they could have enjoyed their retirement years. And no one in our family would have to experience the guilt, pain or mixed emotions of placing a loved one in a care home or retirement community.

What You Can Expect

Retirement communities provide that peace of mind by providing meal options, socialization opportunities, 24-hour oversight, emergency call systems, transportation services and much more. It’s really a community where residents take the time to care for each other and share in the aging process.

So the next time you see a senior, think about your life. Do you want your children caring for you as I cared for my grandmother? Or do you want to enjoy your retirement years with others who share your interests, professionals that care for you, and having the opportunity for your family and friends to visit and enjoy your new life?

Retirement communities in Hawai‘i start at about $3,100 per month and include all your utilities, maintenance, housekeeping, landscaping, meals, transportation to medical appointments and shopping, social events, fitness centers and much more.


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