OctNov2016 - whatilearned_image1I want to share a helpful presentation by Dr. Bob McCauley, naturopathic doctor, master herbalist and certified nutritional consultant. His three books—Confessions of a Body Builder: Rejuvenating the Body with Spirillium, Chlorella, Raw Foods and Ionized Water (2000); Achieving Great Health (2005); and The Miraculous Properties of Ionized Water (2006) — show his passion for natural health.

He has been drinking one to two gallons of alkaline ionized water daily since 1997 and claims that the effects have been dramatic. He considers water a preventative measure to maintain an optimum health profile. Below are some excerpts from his recent presentation, “What Ionized Water Has Done for Me.”

“My stamina has increased by up to 30 percent; recovery time has decreased by a proportional amount. I never get sore joints and my knees have not been any trouble since starting to drink ionized water. I run two to six miles daily.”

“If I feel a sore throat coming on, I drink a few extra glasses of ionized water to keep it at bay. I think 60 to 80 percent of chronic diseases in our society would disappear if people were simply to drink enough water and maintain proper hydration.”

“The clarity of my thought processes has improved because of sufficient brain hydration. Ionized water provides my brain 80 percent of every sip of water I take.”

As the body hydrates, blood oxygen and energy levels increase in tandem. Oxygen (O2) breathed into the body dissolves in blood, lymph and spinal fluid, where it provides energy throughout the body. As O2 is used up, carbon dioxide (CO2) is produced and carried back to the lungs, where it is exhaled. This process allows us to use nutrients, generate energy, kill bacteria and viruses, and ward off cancer cells.

“Ionized water promotes healthy enzymatic cellular processes and rejuvenation,” said Dr. McCauley. “When we drink negatively charged ionized water, the cells in our bodies start to rejuvenate. Reverse aging occurs when the body reverts to a healthy cellular state. If you are 40 years old, you will not become a 20-year-old, but you can have the vitality of a 20-year-old.”

I learned that the effects of ionized water on the human body are profound, yet subtle. Ionizing water does not affect its taste, but some people say it feels different on the tongue and the skin.

After listening to Dr. McCauley, many people want to try alkaline ionized water. He once tried a sip;  now he recommends it to his patients and writes books about its positive benefits. That’s how it is when you find something helpful. It happened to me, too!

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