What happens when you pass away or there’s an emergency that leaves you incapacitated, and family members need to access your mobile devices, computers, emails and social media accounts? Have you documented this important information?

Here are some tips:
• List all the devices you own and include your username and password for each.
• For all online accounts, including email, banking, shopping and social media, list the email address you used, and your username, password and the answers to your “secret” questions.
• Write it all down in a hardcopy document or notebook. Or you can also create a text file and burn it to CD or DVD. I don’t recommend storing the document on a USB thumbdrive. Those devices are not designed for archival purposes.
• Keep the document, notebook or device in a safe place, such as a safety deposit box, and inform your family members about the document.
• Another option is having a trusted family member, friend or your attorney hold it for you.
• Write up instructions as to what you want done with your digital assets. Do you want them to be deleted or cancelled? Do you want someone to take over your account? Whatever you decide, document it in writing.

As accounts are added and deleted, and passwords change, keep updating your document.

Contact me with questions about online security.
Christopher Duque | aikea808@gmail.com