Knock-Knock. Whoʻs There? Scam Artist—Thatʻs Who!

Wouldn’t it be so easy if you knew right away who was going to take advantage of you? Sadly this is not the case, and con artists have perfected the art of scamming for generations.

We can protect our friends and family by knowing our consumer rights. If someone comes knocking on your door to sell you a product or service; here are some easy-to-remember tips to help “knock out” scams in your neighborhood:

Don’t let the door-to-door sales person rush you into making a decision; ask for their contact and business information and let them know that you will check out their business with Hawai‘i’s Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Check if the business representative has all the necessary licensing that is required for the job or service performed. And, verify the license info and person with the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA).

Get everything in writing; especially if they are offering you any special discounts, rebates, warranties or services outside of the standard contract or invoice.

A consumer purchasing a product at their home, may take advantage of the 3-day cooling off period for a refund following a sale if a cancellation notice is sent in writing within three (3) business days. The law does NOT apply if a buyer only calls to initiate the contract with the seller. Contact your BBB for more information about door-to-door sales practices or Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) 3-day cooling off rule.

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