When a senior member of your family is in need of 24/7 care, it is fortunate that Hawai‘i has many professional, caring and dedicated homes and facilities to welcome them. What every family wants to know is: “Will my mom or dad be happy living in someone else’s home, eat right, and stay mentally and physically strong?” It may be even more important to you that your 80-, 90- or even 100-year-old family member lives in a facility that can assist them to improve their daily life.

Placing your loved one in a residential care home takes a lot of research. On your visit to the care facility, observe these few things:

  • Are the staff and residents happy and engaged with each other?
  • What is the routine of their daily life: eating, sleeping, exercising, etc.?
  • Is the facility clean, safe from trip hazards, open, and welcoming?
  • Does the facility encourage participation in activities, like handicrafts, created around the residents?
  • Do residents’ bedrooms have a TV so they don’t have to watch it with others?

Many facilities may have “respite” care to see how they would like living there. Let them make the decision for their happy, healthy and strong life.

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