As a Medicare educator and radio host, it’s my passion to keep up with changes that impact Medicare beneficiaries. My radio listening audience is well into their 60s and 70s and octogenarians listen, too. Some are ’69 and ’70 graduates of Roosevelt, Kalani, Kaimuki, and McKinley high schools. Each year, they sponsor “Battle of the Bands” reunion dances with live music. The dancing goes on for hours.

Put a spring in your step!The energy and enthusiasm always bring me to my feet. I am younger but can hardly keep up on the dance floor. One or two dances and I have to sit back and watch all the fun.

If you have ever shared that feeling, then it is worth checking out if your Medicare plan covers an exercise program or movement class that will help you hold your own on the dance floor.

Call your doctor and schedule your free Medicare annual wellness visit. Ask if you can start an exercise program. Then rejuvenate and put a “spring” back in your step!

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