Some of us seniors may still cling to the belief that the old days were so much better. However, most of us have certainly developed an appetite for the latest cellphones, ultra-modern appliances and high-tech cars.

Likely as a result from the pandemic, baby boomers (born between 1945 and 1965) who previously gathered to talk story, now chat on Facebook. They find themselves expressing opinions on an internet blog and sharing photos with family and friends through email.

In-person visits in the doctor’s office are becoming a rarity. Today, using our cellphones, laptops or tablets, we simply connect with the physician via a virtual healthcare session. And afterwards, we can use our favorite search engine to find out more about diagnoses and medications that may have been prescribed.

We are also shopping online and ordering meals to be delivered to our homes. We are watching downloaded movies on our smart TVs or searching for do-it-yourself videos on YouTube. Some of us are also enjoying games on our cellphones, laptops or tablets, while others have advanced to doing their banking and bill-paying through the internet.

Yes, now more than ever, seniors are using digital technology in their daily lives, and a growing number of them are also taking classes to learn how to use these “newfangled” devices, programs and apps.

As a retired educator, I used to dismiss the idea of distance learning in the classroom. No more! Today, I have become well aware of how online courses ultimately enhance student learning. Not only do my grandchildren learn at their own pace while receiving one-on-one screen time from their teachers, seniors can also take online classes in the comfort of their homes.

As long as we exercise safety precautions (especially on a cell phone) and adhere to security practices on the internet, we can overcome our fear and embrace technology. If you aren’t already tech-savvy and online, now is the time.

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