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Martha Khlopin and Merlita Compton joined a double centenarian birthday, Perpetua Amian, 102, and Maria Amian, 100.

If you remember the term “grown-ups,” it is time to make sure your insurance coverage is aging as gracefully as you are. I volunteer at Kokua Kalihi Valley elderly community center in Honolulu and each month we celebrate birthdays. In December, I celebrated the birthdays of two centenarians who turned 102 and 100 years old and my own mother’s 90th! As I spoke to their family and friends, I learned that the adult children were slowing down and finding it harder to assist their parents. An individual’s needs, both emotional and physical, can grow with age. Those living beyond their 80s may have outlived their spouse, siblings, close friends and the relatives they counted on to look after them in later years. In some cases, their adult children may need assistance. In reality, few ever imagined they would need help with daily living—activities like cooking, bathing or walking. The centenarian’s children in their mid-70s have Medicare insurance as their primary coverage, just like their parents. Health needs are met, but no one had looked into the type of insurance that covers non-medical care. If your grandparents, parents, aunties and uncles, are heading into their 70s, whether you are a Generation X, Millennial or Boomer, it is time to be the “grown-up” and look into insurance coverage for non-medical services that help us age gracefully

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