Nowadays, in-home physical therapy is more important than ever. Seniors must find creative ways in their own home area to continue exercising for mobility and strength.

Walking is still a popular and convenient way to exercise. To add intensity, you can walk briskly for one minute followed by one minute at a  regular pace, then repeat for 10 minutes or more.

Using a kitchen counter or back of a chair, you can do a number of standing leg exercises for 10 minutes each, repeated twice:

• Squats. With your head forward, butt back and back straight, lower yourself until your thighs are horizontal to the floor; rise to a standing position.
• Marching in place. Alternating legs, raise your knees to your waist, keeping your stomach tight.
• Side kicks. Stomach tight and toes pointed, alternately lift one leg at a time to the side.
• Heel-Toe Raises. With both feet together, raise them upward on your heel, then rock forward on the balls of your feet, raising your heels upward.

For those who can’t walk or stand safely, chair exercises can be done by lifting your knees towards your chest; side kick with one leg extended horizontally and swung side to front; heel-toe raises by rocking your feet back and forth heel to toe.

Don’t stop moving! Consult your physical therapist for specific exercises that fill your needs.

Arm exercises will be the next topic.

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