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Generations Magazine - August-September 2016 - Improve-Memory-Reduce-Pain_image1Two of the most common concerns of aging are dementia and chronic pain. Both problems increase with age and rob our energy, but otherwise seem unrelated. Advances in science suggest that there are new ways to improve both these problems without medication.

Preserving Nerve Function

Dementia and chronic pain are connected—memory and chronic pain both involve nerve cells. Your brain is a massive concentration of about 100 billion nerve cells. Pain sensors in your body connect to the brain through long nerve cells that course throughout the body. Nerve cells in the brain and body are some of the most energy-consuming cells in our bodies. Even an old brain and nerve cells need energy to work well.

Boosting Brain Energy Naturally

A natural way to help brain function and nerve pain is an approach that is broadly considered “energy medicine.” In the March issue of Scientific American, an article called “Electric Cures” suggests that energy medicine approaches could assist with many health conditions and even replace some medications. This is not a new concept; the ancient art of acupuncture is an “energy medicine” treatment.

Energy Field Effects

But there are promising new energy medicine approaches that are non-invasive and do not use drugs. One such approach is not a direct treatment at all. It is based on the concept of generally adding energy to the body with the use of a “scalar” energy field.

Adding energy to the whole body supposedly enhances the body’s ability to heal itself. In so doing, chronic pain may be reduced or eliminated. Adding energy may also help to awaken brain cells, giving them enough energy to function properly and improve memory.

Published Science

We have been using a scalar field generator to boost whole-body energy and we have seen some surprising results. In one case, seizures in an autistic child were reduced by 90 to 95 percent. This study appeared in the peer-reviewed Journal of Neurology Research (Vol 2, No. 4, August 2012, pg 172. Link:

Other studies suggest that scalar energy treatments may have antidepressive effects and anti-inflammatory effects.

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