If you are 50, 60, 70 or 80 today and need — or want — to continue to work, there is an exciting, fast-rising world emerging; a world filled with new ways of working and earning your way in Hawai‘i!

FREELANCING  is the first viable work choice we will consider. If ever there was an opportunity for qualified, older workers, freelancing is it! Age is not a barrier; current market-driven qualifications determine eligibility. Freelancers include independent contractors, moonlighters, temps, and diversified workers who have multiple skills needed by multiple employers. And, no, freelancing is not free. You charge by the hour or by the project.

Before investigating selling your work or service by the hour, day or project as a freelancer, ask yourself: which of the following reasons to continue to work matter to you:

✦ I can’t imagine NOT working later in life as life expectancy is rising exponentially and continuing to work just makes common sense.

✦ I am having a great deal of difficulty finding a “job” at this stage of life, but I need a continued income stream and can’t afford to quit earning.

✦ I believe that continuing to work, in some capacity, adds a health and social benefit to my well-being.

✦ I look forward to the work and life balance that freelancing offers.

Ideas to Explore

Get yourself schooled in what freelancing is and what it can do for your career. Read what Daniel Pink, an author, futurist and expert, wrote in his book Free Agent Nation about free agency vs. jobs.

Spend a few minutes each day reading additional information that will help you to get comfortable with freelancing as a worthwhile career choice. Learn more through Forbes magazine, The Economist and Hawaii Business magazine.

Check out your skills against advertised opportunities and remember that learning new skills is everyone’s challenge as the world changes. AARP, local community colleges, the public libraries, adult schools (such as the McKinley Community School for Adults on O‘ahu) offer a full range of skills development. They are a step away from your phone.

Carleen MacKay
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