My grandma once told me, “getting old is not for sissies!” As we get older, we may wonder how to age as well as possible. Here are some simple tips for aging gracefully as our bodies change.

✦ Avoid constipation. Eat a high fiber diet, fruits, and vegetables.
✦ Hydrate with at least 6–8 cups of water daily. Hydrating may also help flush the bladder and reduce urine infections.
✦ Stay active and exercise. Walk 15–20 minutes three or four times each week, stretch, or do physical therapy to help reduce aches and pains. Swimming or using a stationary bike is better for people with knee pain.
✦ Exercise your mind. Puzzles (jigsaw, crossword, or word searches), reading and interacting with others are great for brain health.
✦ Address vision and hearing problems to keep you interactive with your friends and family.
✦ Moisturize. As skin becomes dryer and thinner, use an unscented moisturizer and sunscreen daily.
✦ Be safe: Use a walker or cane when needed to avoid falling, know when to retire from driving, and when to accept help.
✦ Most of all, find ways to have fun. My grandma was “oshare” (stylish) her entire life, even blinging out her cane when she needed one!

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