Homeowners’ Real Property Tax Credit

The annual application filing period for the Real Property Tax Credit for Homeowners to help you reduce your real property taxes is just around the corner — July 1. You may receive a tax credit if you meet the following three requirements:

 You have a home exemption on your property.
 None of the titleholders owns other property anywhere.
 The combined gross income of all titleholders does not exceed $60,000.

The amount of the credit you will receive, if you qualify, is based on your income along with your current property tax amount.

Those who applied for this credit last year and are receiving this credit for the 2020–21 tax year should receive an application in early July. New applicants should contact the Tax Relief Office. We will mail you an application or you can download the application from the city website (see below) beginning on July 1, 2020. Click on the “Tax Billing and Collections Forms & Information” tab to find a link to the application and information brochure.


For more information or questions, call 808-768-3205
Information furnished is subject to change without notice.


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