Stayin’ Alive: the Bee Gees’ message remains important for those of us involved in caregiving. Too often we allow our own health and wellbeing to decline while we try to keep our loved ones safe and content. Here are a few easy to do things that can help keep you — the caregiver — alive… Whether you’re a brother or whether you’re a mother!

• Smile every day. Find one thing, no matter how ordinary, to spark a grin.
• Watch out for signs of stress and depression. You might not recognize them, so consider asking your doctor.
• Eat better — no junk food! Ask a family member to bring a balanced meal once a week. Drink lots of water.
• Find a way to exercise. A good walk is great. If that won’t work try a homebound exercise like “chair” Tai Chi!
• Don’t overload daily to-do lists. Be realistic and set limits. Some things won’t get done. It’s OK. Prioritize.
• Let others help with household chores. Accept that things might not be perfect and spotless. It really is OK.
• Join a Caregiver Support Group. You don’t have to pretend here. You can tell it like it is.
• Give yourself credit. The care you give makes a difference.

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