How does one keep the interest of the elderly? It can be challenging. Nature walks, painting, board games, puzzles, word and picture games are among the typical activities of the elderly.

How does one maintain their interest level? This is where you have to be creative and think “outside the box.” Daily walks become nature walks and scavenger hunts. Giving ordinary activities “new” names to spice it up a bit is a good idea. It gives everyone something to look forward to and may excite them. Some examples: Dancing Tuesdays (exercise day), Bingo Wednesdays, Spa and Salon Thursdays, and Happy Hour Fridays. You can’t forget about Donut Saturdays and Spaghetti Sundays.

Make a space in your home, or assisted living facility, where the residents can display their works of art. Painting is an all-time favorite, and having a “Hallway of Art” will be of interest to the painters as well as family, friends or visitors. There can also be “Gallery Night” to show off the paintings to see these masterpieces.

It’s all about being creative, thinking outside the box and creating life-enriching activities that stimulate the whole person — the body, mind and soul of each individual.


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