I’m a long way from Kansas! Wichita is where I started, but my journey has taken me across the US — from the balmy west coast of South Florida to the crisp mountains of Colorado and the high desert of Santa Fe.

It was the allure of Hawai‘i, however, that brought me to the islands in 1990.

I’ve been a radio broadcaster all my life — mostly in programming, but also as an announcer. Although I’m out of day-to-day operations, I still  wear the hat of traffic reporter for multiple Honolulu radio stations.

You can hear me during the morning rush or the afternoon gridlock. I follow the ebb and flow of O‘ahu’s pesky traffic every weekday.

In addition to radio, I am also the founder and chief bottle-washer at Linkscreen, a website design company specializing in websites for small organizations and nonprofits.

One of my premier clients is Generations Magazine, which keeps me hopping with its large and robust website (generations808.com).

My hobby of photography is intertwined with my website work, taking photos for clients of their businesses and products. I even fly drones to get aerial shots when needed.

For exercise, I bike, like I have done in most of the places I have lived. As the years have slipped by, I have graduated from a regular road bike to an electric bicycle. No more huffing and puffing on those Kaimuki hills!

Biking is a great way to avoid those traffic jams that I report every day.