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Heidi Failola, PCH Housekeeper; Celia Soriano, PCH Housekeeper; Samson Kaonohi, PCH Housekeeper; Kevin Wu, HINOA Coordinator; Clarita Dela Cruz, PCH Housekeeper

For more than 100 years, Pālolo Chinese Home has been serving the elderly community. Open to all genders, races and ethnicities, Pālolo Chinese Home provides a continuum of long-term care services in a culturally sensitive setting on its 15-acre campus. Now Pa¯lolo Chinese Home is expanding its services beyond its campus.

“Today, the elderly are more independent. They want to remain in their homes for as long as possible, and we want to help them do that,” explains Darlene Nakayama, Administrator of Pālolo Chinese Home. Research indicated that the elderly need some basic day-to-day services to ensure a safe and clean environment, as well as some of the more complex medical services, and they want it all at home. The Pālolo Chinese Home realized they were in an ideal position to provide these services.

PROGRAMS SERVICES Palolo-Chinese-Home_image1Pālolo Chinese Home provides home cleaning for seniors living at home. For as little as $30, residents aged 65 years or older (and whose annual income is less than $24,000) can have their home cleaned, with satisfaction assured by Pālolo Chinese Home. “Our professional staff will visit your home, evaluate your cleaning needs, and perform the work under our supervision and with our full security,” says Nakayama. “It is thanks to a PIN grant provided by the Hawai‘i Community Foundation that these services can be provided,” she adds. The PIN grant is limited and may end later this year.

Since 1897 it has been Pālolo Chinese Home’s mission to serve the elderly community. Home cleaning at a reduced rate (with savings of up to $250 per cleaning) is one of the ways it is continuing its mission and meeting the changing needs of the elderly. Other in-home services provided by Pālolo Chinese Home include in-home meal delivery, safety and health assessments, chore services/companionship, and doctor house calls to homebound seniors.

For more information, please call Darlene Nakayama, PCH Administrator at 737-2555

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