Although the medical system is driven by pain, preventative approaches are becoming more prevalent. For seniors, it is essential that falls are prevented. Any fall can cause severe damage and breaking a bone (usually the hip or hand/wrist) is quite common. The scary statistic is that one out of every five people will die within one year of breaking their hip. Thus, prevention is necessary.

The pains and problems from a fall can be significant, and it takes hard work to regain balance and strength in the back and legs.

To a much lesser extent, limitations from stiffness or difficulty performing activities of daily living are warning signs of an existing problem.
When a person has moderate difficulty with a necessary task, treatment is a medical necessity before the problem progresses.

  • It is not normal to wake up stiff or to have a hard time lifting/carrying.
  • It is not normal to feel wobbly or to have a fear of falling.
  • Fixing the physical problems before they grow is a panacea for a healthy future.

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