A healthy joint is like two smooth pieces of paper sliding against each other. Arthritis, joint damage, is like adding crinkles to the papers, with the friction causing pain and problems. However, in severe cases, and even with bone-on-bone degeneration, having no pain with “activities of daily living” is easily obtainable with a lot of hard work and the right treatments. If exercising on your own, consistency and diligence are the most important factors, so do something fun, like group classes/events, dancing, or play dates with grandchildren.

The key is dynamic muscle protection

Muscles are about 80 percent of the body’s support and protection; bones, ligaments, and padding are only about 20 percent.

It is very common to have strong and healthy muscles that lack the coordination to protect joints.

Certain exercises astronomically increase muscle protection.

Any exercise helps build some protection, but most have minuscule levels of protection, necessitating high volume to feel any benefit. An optimized exercise should allow for significant and immediate improvements.

Consider working with a physical therapist to create an optimized exercise plan that brings about those improvements.

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