It’s always comforting to have a best friend to share in the journey of life every step of the way. For seniors, while the idea of caring for a furry friend can seem overwhelming, the benefits are highly rewarding; pets can provide a whole new experience of joy and purpose. Here are just five of the many benefits you can look forward to with a pet in your life:


Navigating new adventures in senior life can feel lonely. What better solution than to have the unconditional love from a pet to support you through it! You may even prefer the company of your pet over people!


Caring for a pet can give new meaning to the same old routine. Caring for a pet requires responsibility that benefits you by creating and maintaining a solid routine. Never fear, Fido won’t let you forget breakfast, lunch or dinner (and a few fun snacks in between). What better way to organize and find purpose in each day than by spending time with your pet?


Just like humans, all pets need exercise to stay healthy and happy. Caring for a pet can provide great motivation to get up and move around, whether taking your pet for a stroll or simply walking around your house with them. The more active time you can spend with your pet, the better you will both feel.


Just like humans, pets need pet friends, too. Spending time with your pet, whether going for a walk around your neighborhood or even shopping for groceries, will give you both the chance to meet others and strike up fun interactions. You can even find local opportunities to go on group walks with your pets, giving you and your pal the chance to make more friends and enjoy all of life’s precious moments.

Stress, Worry and Pain Reliever

When the stresses of everyday life reach an overwhelming level, having a pet you love can make all the difference. Scientific studies have shown that caring for a pet can lower one’s blood pressure, reduce stress and tension, and even help to alleviate chronic pain.

As seniors navigate new changes in their lives, deciding to bring a pet companion along for the journey can bring many benefits and happiness.

Not ready to commit to a pet, but want to try it out? Think about foster parenting.

The Hawaiian Humane Society’s Foster Care program is always looking for good foster parents to temporarily shelter animals in need. Go to to find out more about the program.

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