Well, Generations wanted me to expound on the inevitable and that is…dying. I can safely say that I know something about dying because for many years as a stand-up comedian, I died many times on stage. It’s not a good feeling. However, once I passed through that uncomfortable moment and came out on the other side, I was refreshed and stronger. Hopefully, in your passing you will also feel much more refreshed and stronger. That being said, wouldn’t it be interesting to find out that the knowledge we have about death and dying is all wrong!

WHAT IF! While on this earth, say we receive a letter every twenty years from God. This letter is God is giving you a review. Every 20, 40, 60 years and so on you  receive a letter that hopefully is going to give you a passing grade. And if you keep that up, eventually you’ll receive your golden ticket to heaven at the age of 80. And if you haven’t taken care of business that the LORD recommended when you reach 80, sorry — you’re going to have to stand in line with a lot of other people. And as for me? I can see one of my letters saying “Hey Frank, this is the Lord’s assistant and the Heavenly Father wants me to pass on his 40 year review to you. There is one aspect of your life the Heavenly Father strongly urges you to pay attention to and that is ‘Learn the words to the songs you’re going to sing on stage!!!!! ALSO PLEASE STAY ON KEY!’ When Heavenly Father hears you go off key he shakes his head, closes his eyes and prays for you. OK? That will make Heavenly Father very happy and we want to keep Heavenly Father very HAPPY or he’s going to come down there and rearrange some furniture. And if you upset Heavenly Father,  we’ll send you to a place where you’ll need a lot of sun block!! Get my drift? Got it? Good!”

But what really happens when you die, pass over, pass out, pass gas, kaput, game over, no time left, make — die — dead? Many have come back from the other side to tell us. Moe Keale told me that, after he had flatlined, he walked towards a light that turned out to be a 7-11. I know that sounds absurd but that’s what he told me. And as he walked toward the door, his nephew Israel Kamakawiwo‘ole came walking out with a slurpee all happy and smiling. But when he saw Moe, he said “Unko, what you doing hea? It’s not your time, you gotta go back!” So Moe came back to tell the story. He also said that while he was transitioning back, all he heard were harps and ‘ukuleles.

So this is what I do know: the reality of life is always NOW. The past is a memory which is a thought arising in the present. The future is merely anticipated and is just another thought arising now. What we truly have is this moment. If you stay connected to the present moment and find fulfillment here and now, you will always have a 7-11 heaven. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.