Each Other - A Book Club’s Greatest Benefit

Photo courtesy of Honu Media, LLC

We age like a book and advance, hopefully, toward maturity through the rise and fall of the turning pages of our lives. Consequently, when members of the West Maui Book Club come together to discuss a novel, we’ll often share\ relevant chapters of our personal stories. For us, this is the greatest benefit of all.

Kelli Lundgren, a member since 2013, says, “Since joining, I’ve listened to stories of personal travel to South America and Malaysia. Members shared accounts of being stranded in politically tense areas of the world and in compelling cultural and political experiences.” It “stirs the soul.”

Mihaela Stoops, a member since 2011, adds, “This book club satisfies my need to have an intelligent conversation. It stimulates and challenges me, makes me learn new things and gives me new perspectives.” It’s “awesome.”

Victoria Caputo, a member since 2010, says that at any age, a book club provides brain wellness through conversation and critical thinking.

And according to Diane Pure, an original member in 2005, the West Maui Book Club creates a sense of community and support for one another. She enjoys sharing social time with talented women from different life and work experiences.

Yes, we love to read and discuss our book selections, but sharing relevant wisdom gained through the saga of our lives is the greatest benefit of any book club. So why not join one and experience how your gained insights can help others? In return, expect your life to be enhanced by other members in new and thought-provoking ways.

“There are no faster or firmer friendships than those formed between people who love the same books.” — Irving Stone