In my three previous articles, I explained what ionized, restructured alkaline water is. I also shared the potential benefits of drinking this healthy water — which may be the best water to drink. I have dedicated this article to what experts in the medical field say about this particular kind of water:

“Alkaline antioxidant water changes everything physiologically. The alkaline antioxidant water solves two of the major problems that cause aging and disease: low pH and free radicals. It provides ready antioxidants to keep our bodies from rotting and rusting through the process of oxidation. Who should be drinking the alkaline antioxidant water? The answer is simply everyone from children to octogenarians.”
— Ben Johnson, MD, Doctor of Osteopathy (DO), and Naturopathic Medical Doctor (NMD)

“Restructured alkaline water may well be the best element or supplement you can put in your body. Did you know the Japanese have researched this subject for over 40 years and have found that drinking restructured alkaline water can relieve or reduce three causes for sickness, disease and premature aging.”
— David S. Dyer, NMD, PhD

“The most important feature of alkaline water produced by a water alkalizer is its oxidation reduction potential (ORP). Water with a high negative ORP is of particular value in its ability to neutralize oxygen free radicals. This is the key benefit of water produced by a water alkalinizer that is not available by simply drinking water than has had some bicarb or other compounds dissolved in it to make it alkaline.”
—  Ray Kurzwell, PhD, author and inventor, recipient of the National Medal of Technology in 1999, and inducted into the U.S. Patent Office’s Inventors National Hall of Fame in 2002

“I have administered over 5,000 gallons of this water for about every health situation imaginable… all [sicknesses] come from the same cause: too much tissue acid waste in the body.”
— Theodore Baroody DC, ND, PhD, Dipl. Acu., author of the book Alkalize or Die

“We can heal ourselves by changing the environment inside our bodies. Potentially harmful invaders, then, will have nowhere to grow and will become harmless. High pH water, such as the water that comes from a good ionizer, neutralizes acids throughout the entire body. Since acids underlie all disease entities, nothing makes more sense than neutralizing these acids. One of my most often quoted statements goes like this: ‘When the fish is sick, change the water. We don’t feed the fish medicine. We give them clean water. When the cells of our body are sick, we must change the water and fluids in which all cells are bathed.’”
— from The pH Miracle, written by Robert O. Young PhD, ND

As I have said before, all waters are not created equal. It may be time to give ionized water a sip.


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