Today, innovation is changing our way of life for the better. Technology evolves to eliminate painstaking tasks and make our lives easier. Improving methods also applies to the food business, where the combination of technology and innovation enables hungry islanders to obtain their favorite meals from local restaurants with delivery to their doorsteps within minutes of ordering. We can choose snacks, meal plates or fine dining from the comfort of our home using our smartphone or laptop.

Companies involved in meal plans and food preparation services are personalizing menu items according to customers’ needs. New and improved cooking methods and recipes help chefs to retain great flavor while they provide the customers the healthiest possible meals. Freshly prepared foods do not require preservatives or MSG to boost flavor. Most restaurants have abandoned their use.

Some clients may want to consume less carbohydrates, so the meal company cuts out carbs from the meal item, and adds more proteins and vegetables instead. Seniors controlling their cholesterol need low-fat meals, which restaurants and food services are able to offer.

Cuisines from across the world have their own unique flavor profiles. One that rises to the top of the “big flavor” category is Thai food. Chefs incorporate robust herbs and spices, citrus, and “salt and sweet” Thai flavors with the best fresh ingredients so seniors and their families can enjoy healthy, delicious food without consuming excessive calories.

There is a lot more to be gained by eating 500-calorie, taste bud-satisfying veggie and protein dishes, than meals loaded with fat and bland starches. So for a better life, make healthy choices, whether you step out or order in.

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