If a parent suddenly fell unconscious or required emergency medical attention, would you know what do? Would you know what paperwork, insurance cards and medical records to bring with you to the hospital?

Once a medical crisis occurs, it’s too late to prepare for the large amount of information that is needed by doctors, hospital staff, family and relatives. The solution? A medical organizer.

With a medical organizer, you can log prescriptions, appointment times, treatment instructions and important contacts, plus track medical records, medical histories and vital stats.

There are many different types of organizers on the market. Many of them feature tabbed dividers, storage pockets and useful medical charts. It is a great communication tool. And, it can help you make important medical decisions.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need A Medical Organizer

  1. More control: If a parent suddenly becomes unconscious or incapacitated, a medical organizer speaks on his/her behalf. It provides the hospital and emergency staff with the most recent health information.
  2. Peace of mind: One parent usually manages the finances, health records or housekeeping duties. Ask this parent to establish a medical organizer for both parents to avoid the burden of starting one from scratch when he or she is gone.
  3. Lessen the guilt: Eliminate the guilt adult children experience with end-of-life decisions because a parent did not establish the proper legal documents related to health issues. Studies found that siblings do not always agree with end-of-life decisions for a parent and this can break up the best of families or instill longstanding resentment.
  4. Minimize delays: Reduce delays with medical attention because important information was unavailable. You will also save time from having to search for information in safe deposit boxes, file cabinets or computer files.
  5. Proactive approach to care: Preparing now can save time and grief for family members who will make important decisions on behalf of a sick parent. Doctors appreciate when adult children take a proactive approach to their parent’s health, especially as geriatric progression worsens over time. Your parents will appreciate you too!

Sandra J. Yorong is a financial advisor and author of the ‘Lifetime Medical Organizer’ and sold at retai bookstores and online at Amazon.com and www.lifemedorganizer.com