Create a Legacy With Your Real Estate

One of the biggest decisions we face as we age is what to do with our most valuable asset — our real estate. Our home is a precious place of comfort… well, most of the time. But perhaps a flight of stairs is becoming a struggle to climb. Maybe the house is now just too big to maintain. Where to go when it’s time to downsize is a question select real estate professionals can answer. These specialists can help you navigate your living options and help with the transition.

Another big challenge is what to do with your investment property — such as a rental that has become a burden. Experienced realtors can conduct an Asset Performance Test to see how valuable your property is performing. Is your rental generating the most Net Operating Income? If you don’t need extra income but you want to keep the real estate in the family, there are ways to transfer property to your heirs while you are still living. Building wealth through real estate is the way most “akamai” families create generational wealth. If you want a better life for you and your family, now is the time to create a legacy.

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