Carl “Kini Popo” Hebenstreit was well past retirement age when he made the decision to launch Generations Hawai‘i, which he described as “one of the happiest and most satisfying activities” of his life.

“There is a need for it. That’s been a Trade [Media Hui] DNA tag since [1954],” when the original parent company of Generations was founded, he explained in an email to a colleague in 2006.

Even then, at the age of 77 himself, Carl could tell the Great Silver Wave was nowhere near its crest.

“We’re aiming the publication at… those who have to look after their parents in their 80s and 90s, as well as the children of their own children,” he said.

Nearly two decades after sending that email, demand is only stronger for a magazine Carl originally envisioned as “a lively resource that recognizes the achievements of Hawai‘i’s 50-plus citizens while offering information and insight into ways to enrich life in the mature years.”

During his three years as Publisher of Generations, he came to the realization that most kūpuna didn’t see getting old as a liability — many, if not all, discovered  aging gracefully meant also gaining the opportunity to redefine and recreate their lives.

“In fact, we discovered an amazing sense of energy in this group,” Carl said. “Sixty is indeed the new forty. Eighty is the new sixty.”

Generations readers in 2023 still understand the importance of maintaining (and building) the strength of their health, wealth and relationships well into their golden years. This magazine remains a trusted companion and guide to helping readers Live the Good Life After 50.

And for that, we have Carl Hebenstreit to thank.

Mahalo, Kini.